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Everyone has within them the spark of Life itself — your own brilliant spiritfire. Unfortunately for too many, modern society and all the stressors embedded therein, have effectively stamped that very force out to near non-existence. Weakness, apathy & disempowerment fall under the normalized guise of “time & aging” as we slowly recede into a mere shadow image of the strong bright light we truly are at our core.

I started SpiritFire Strength & Conditioning in 2012 after many years of seeking to find, resuscitate, and refine my own fire. I am a lifelong athlete and lover of movement, with a strong background in athletics (track, cross country, basketball, weight training), nearly three decades of yoga & mind/body practices, 19 years of Hardstyle Kettlebell training, 9 years of Barbell Big Lift training, and 36 years of healthy plant-based living! Through it all I have developed my own brand of Holistic HardCore Strength & Conditioning built on simple, effective and sustainable principles of athletic training. I utilize kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight training to teach fuel-efficiency, economy of motion and mindfulness to help others reach their strongest, healthiest, happiest potential. I provide the template, you show up for your Self, and together we take this journey, thru all kinds of weather — because that’s what strong people do, and that’s what spiritfire is!

Certified Personal Trainer/StrongFirst SFG 1 & SFL /RPR (Reflexive Performance Reset), T. Colin Campbell's Center for Nutrition Plant-Based Nutrition Certified, & Forks Over Knives Plant-Based Home Chef, Sarah has coached over 2000 small group strength training classes & over 1500 private sessions. She also offers whole foods plant-based nutrition consulting.

Additionally, she is an Executive Health & Fitness Coach at a local hospital. She’s helped so many find their fire, chances are she can help you to.

Kettlebell Strength Skills Starter Package

  • New to strength training? Never touched a kettlebell before? Curious & ready to see what the hype is all about?

  • Not a newbie? Already a skilled swinger? Looking for a local badass crew to dial you in & motivate you to keep pushing those squats & swings?

  • In need of quality training? Not sure if you can hang with a class or need a little one-on-one to get you where you need to be?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, this special is for YOU. No matter your background, current fitness level, or motivation, this KB Strength Skill Starter Package can help you learn and refine the basic moves and figure out what the next best step is for your unique strength journey! Whether its regular weekly group training or personalized private sessions, let’s start here & GET YOU MOVING!

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